Coats of arms

Breaking all the rules of proper heraldry.

In place of a helm, a twisted tree with a gaping hole, dropping its leaves.
Left supporter, a tiger biting its own tail. Right supporter, a red panda crossing its fingers behind its back.
A purple shield with a bleeding heart, a weeping eye, and a refusing hand. Motto, 'Nil homini certum est.' Hovering overhead, violin F-holes and a tree branch with green leaves covered in snow.
Left supporter, a knightly caped figure with a lightning storm for a head. Right supporter, a harpy eagle with a body of smoke.
An orange shield in the shape of an abstracted human heart, a single acorn. A field of grass. Crest, a melting Penrose triangle.
Torse, a crumpled paper crown. Helmet, with a kazoo in the visor. Mantling in light green. Supporters, purple and blue bears.
On a blue shield, a trumped and a Chicago flag star, above which two wings with hands hold crossed violin bows. A field of fried eggs.